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Cycling, nordic walking,  golf and truffles with us in Monferrato from March to November

They move with circumspection, at odd and always different times. Sometimes they look over their shoulder to make sure no one is following them while they are reaching that place in the woods, that open space near an oak tree, where they know there could be the “black gold”. They only speak with their dogs: they speak with their eyes, their gestures, with guttural sounds that come from a solid fellowship. Watching a truffle hunter, observing how he moves with his faithful dog, how he smells the air for the presence of the precious prey, is a show that is not easily forgotten.
But that show is just so difficult to experience, given the secrecy and circumspection in which the truffle hunters operate. But this will be possible for Bike Comedy guests who will come to Fubine Monferrato from March to November; and this is thanks to the friendship of a truffle hunter of the Grana valley – a legendary character in the area – who will lead us into a truffle hunt with his dogs.
The other guide is Luca Zuccotti, biker and sport director of Federciclismo: he will lead guests in touring cycling rides on the streets in Monferrato, accompanied by an assistance car, following the ups and downs imposed by rolling hills, discovering ancient castles and medieval villages. And also, why not, historic inns where a glass of good wine is the pride of the house and salami are always ready to be cut.
Cycling, nordic walking,  golf and truffles.
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