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Lu, who would appear to be cited in papers dating back to the tenth century, appears with security in an act dated October 3, 1028 , when Odda, her  son Oddilo o Guido Lord of Monfalcone donate to the Monastery of St Peter in Savigliano a tenth of the court of Lu , with the houses , the sediments and every thing around it, two chapels , one that is in honor of St. Peter , the other of St. Benedict, with their equipment and appliances, and all they had in the places of Cuccaro and Mediliano .


Odda was the daughter of the Marquis of Monferrato Otto , son of Aleramo , Count of Montferrat , Marquis of the Marca of Western Liguria , a descendant of Theodoric branch of the house of Kent , who died in 793. Odda dowry to her husband, Otto , of the Visconti of Auriate , were the assets listed above in the property of the Marquis of Monferrato

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The present village of Lu, on the high hill , was built in the Middle Ages , when after the Lombard invasion (VI century AD) the population of the Roman pago of Mediliano entrenched to defend itself , whence the name derived from the surname Lugus , god of the peaks to which the Celts dedicated the highest hills

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In the plain of Mediliano on the right side of the river Grana , not far from the church of San Giovanni , the vast area preserves the remains of the Roman pago; coins of the first century BC were discovered frequently, remains that still crop up from the turf at each plowing autumn , tiles , tombs, cinerary urns , amphorae . Roman  walls and artefacts are frequent

( Taken from Monferrato between Po and Tanaro , Aldo Ricaldone , Libraria editions – L. Fornaca and Gribaudo )

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